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The patrons and collectors of my original paintings and giclee prints are extremely valuable to me, I am very appreciative of their support. So a few years ago I introduced a Patron Rewards program to make purchasing my originals and prints easier/more affordable. As outlined in the chart below, there are 3 patron levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum) in each of the Prints Patrons and Originals Patrons categories. Of course you can be in both patron categories should you purchase at least one original and one print.

Refer to the chart below to see how to qualify for each Patron Reward level and the discount you will receive at each level. You immediately qualify for Patron Rewards after making an initial purchase of a print or original painting of mine. All purchases are eligible whether purchased directly from my website here (set price) or won in an auction of my prints/originals. If you purchase one or more originals and one or more prints, the highest discount percentage from your two patron levels will be in affect. For example if you are a Silver Prints Patron and also a Silver Originals Patron, and you want to purchase a second print, you will receive the higher (25%) discount on the second print.

If you have any questions at all about the patron rewards program, please don't hesitate to contact me using the link in the top menu.

Patron Rewards - Badges

You will always know which level of original and/or prints patron you are by referring to the 'badge' I include in each and every email to you when we correspond. Samples of each of the six patron level badges are shown below. Again, you can be both an originals patron and prints patron once you have purchased one original and one reproduction print.

Originals Patron Levels

Prints Patron Levels


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